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Our facilities are equipped with the latest advances in technology and are regularly upgraded to assure a competent and thorough testing procedure and a pleasant customer experience. We offer a range of value added services in most of our branches, which includes the sale of the best quality aluminum number plates available in South Africa and in certain branches the registration of motor vehicles for the convenience of our customers.

VTS SA is extremely well positioned to ensure that the message and ethos of road safety is propagated into the hearts and minds of our everyday drivers in South Africa.

Roadworthy Tests
Technical Tests
Safety Check
Multi-point Check
Motor Vehicle License Renewal Assistance
Change of Ownership Assistance
Number Plates
Transport and Logistics

Buying a car?

Congratulations on your new vehicle! VTS SA aims to promote and support your safety on the roads.

First things first. Get the vehicle licensed and registered. Buying a car can be complicated with all the paperwork for applying for change of ownership. VTS SA will assist you with our excellent services!

Get your vehicle’s roadworthiness tested at your nearest VTS SA station. A roadworthy test is a quality examination done on a vehicle by our highly qualified Examiners in

accordance with the National Road Traffic Act and SANS 10047/SANS 10216 to certify that vehicle is in a good condition and complies with the law to be on the road. If the vehicle conforms to the standards, a Certificate of Roadworthiness is issued.

Remember to renew your licence every year with us to avoid any fines!

Bring all the necessary documents with when applying for change of ownership.

Selling a car?

Preparing the sale of your vehicle is essential for an expeditious sale, as well as trouble-free sale. Be certain that the vehicle is spotless clean and minor damages are repaired before acquiring an inspection at its finest price. The technical condition as well as the service history of the vehicle is a must have to make a trouble-free sale.

For a more detailed inspection, a Technical Test is recommended where a more thorough, bumper to bumper inspection is done. A technical Test can increase the value of your vehicle’s selling price. A professional

and quality inspection can be done at your nearest VTS SA station.

To mention a few inspections:

  • Performance and break testing
  • Stability and handling tests
  • Headlight testing and adjustments
  • Heavy vehicle and truck testing
  • Electrical system testing

The station will assist you with the necessary documents for change of ownership. Bring all the necessary documentation with when applying.

Going on Holiday?

Going on holiday? Before packing the car to head to your destination, VTS SA’s certified team of examiners wants to certify your vehicle fit for South African roads during the holiday festivities. Conducting a thorough quality inspection decreases the potential safety hazards of breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. It will give you peace of mind and increase the safety of your journey.

Our inspections are cost-effective and for the convenience of the holiday-goer, inspections are done without delay, no appointment is needed.

Be sure to get your vehicle inspected at your nearest VTS SA centre prior to day of departure to avoid any disappointments.

To mention a few inspections:

  • Headlights, Hazards and Tailgate Lights
  • Wiper Blades
  • Front and Rear Brakes
  • Battery
  • Tyre Wear and Tread, etc.

What to do at your nearest VTS SA Testing Station?

Vehicle And Owner Identification

Bring with the following:

  1. ID OR Driver’s Licence
  2. Vehicle Registration Documents OR Licence Disk

Applicable Forms and Fees

Complete the Following:

  1. Application Form Provided
  2. Pay the fee stipulated

Test Completion

Wait patiently for the service and paper work to be completed.

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